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I am an experienced Project Manager, Business & Data Analyst with multiple years of experience gained in several international companies.

These days, business problems require data crunching and telling stories to make the right decisions. To put it simply, business stakeholders need insights into the best options and decisions.

This is where I come in. I have learned and applied PythonPower BI, SQL and Excel to analyse and present data. Also, I gained experience in Project Management and Business Analysis. So, I can not only spot insights but execute business decisions. Moreover, I can teach you as well.

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 "Unleash the power within you!"


• A simple way ☀ to unlock your hidden ✔ , huge value as a professional.  + some great examples to make it fun.

Learn solving problems with Python

The aim is to show how each function works in Python. Thus, you will not only memorise what is on the screen but will gain understanding and will be able to apply to solve your unique problems.

Gain those insights you always needed for you or your business

Convert data into insights with Python. Pick-up all the basics that you need to analyse and present data or uncover new libraries.
Save time and money by automating those repetitive tasks

Start automating your repetitive tasks with Python. Understand all different ways you can become a more productive professional.
Don't crush your interest by forcing into traditional courses

Learning python might sound hard and dull. But it doesn't have to. The course will make sure it is actually fun and exciting by using a coffee shop example.
Super easy to learn with zero programming knowledge

The material will be super easy to learn and will go through everything you need to know to start programming with Python even if you have literally never done this before.
Understand why people are crazy for Python

The course will dive into Python universe and will explain main concepts. So, you will know what to say if someone asks you about Python.


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